This week our freeride photographer Tim van Houtteghem is in Iceland for 10 days with his Belgium skibuddy's Sam van Brempt, Yannick de Bièvre and Frank Saeys and that delivers some beautyfull pictures!


Driving in Iceland

Here we go!

Skitouring in Iceland

Lunch break!


Stunning view!

Let's go home

After an nice skitour there's nothing better then enjoying the evening sun!

Iceland as it should be

Hottub & beer, cheers!

Iceland's cabin

Story of our first day out in beautiful Iceland: Getting stuck with our car while driving to some bigger mountains around Ólafsfjörður, digging the car out for +2 hours, having dinner while staying in the great mountains, touring up in the Sun and skiing down some steep slopes on hard hard snow and bad weather, what a great day!

The day after an Icelandic snowstorm | "Didn't we had a black car guys?!"

Dude, where's my car?

The weather report announced fresh snow with high speed winds. All the Icelandic people we talked with, warned us skiing was not an option. Thinking to know how bad weather looks like, we didn't took their warnings serious, but we gave in on their advice. We left our skis for what it was and drove land inwards to visit some ancient lava sites and hot springs.

The storm got from bad to worse. We ended up in a complete whiteout with snow flying by horizontally and gusts of wind that knocks you off your feet. Even driving became difficult. We had to step out of the car in search of the road and on hills our 4 wheel drive even started to slide of the road. 

Luckily this guy popped up out of nowhere and could lead us to the nearest town.

If we had such a car it would been a help but I'm still totally impressed how they manage to drive in these conditions!

 Iceland and his beauty

Friend in need!

After 2 days of bad weather the Sun is back! We headed back to the Troll Peninsula for some more skiing and passed by the Goðafoss waterfalls on the way.

Goðafoss waterfalls

 Yesterday around noon, Tim van Houtteghem, Frank Saeys and Yannick de Bièvre arrived at an unknown summit above Siglufjördur. The most northern village on the Icelandic troll Peninsula. 

The bad weather from the previous days brought a fresh layer of snow. No blue sky but that doesn't matter. The sun managed to break trough this thick grey layer creating a special atmosphere.

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Pictures by Sam van Brempt & Tim van Houtteghem