The nights in Sestiere.
After a great campingspot close to the ski area of Laax with lots of sunshine but no snow the Roadtrip team with Paul de Groot, Rembert Notten, Tim Vanhoutteghem and Scott Cheap were hungry for treeruns, big pillow lines and more freeride possibilities. In Laax, where the roadtrip team met freestyle talent Mees van Lierop, they had some great training possibilities in a nice environment of the snowpark and the local Freestyle Academy. The idea was to visit Chamonix afterwards but the lack of snow made them turn around towards Italy. 
Night in Laax
According to the weather forecast of the best idea was to visit Sestiere to receive the best snow conditions. Meteo Morris from Wepowder prognosed 1 meter of fresh powder snow around Piemonte which is close to the border of France in the southern Alpes. The big advantage of driving around with the Land Rover and the caravan is that you could just go and plan your exact stay by making some phonecalls during your roadtrip. 
Walking around in Sestiere
Walking from Borgota to Sestiere. 
After a great ride trough the Swiss and Italian Alpes they arrived at a great winter camping in Borgata next to Sestiere. This camping is close to the ski-lifts, has hot showers in case your watertank gets frozen and besides that friendly Italian people. Definetely a place to visit again! (
The amount of snow the campsite received after one night, luckily the front tent of Isabella was strong enough to hold the heavy weight. 
The day after the team received their first powderdump of the season.. Lots of snow and the caravan with Isabella front tent was for the first time packed with snow. The boys had to dig themselves out of the caravan with shovels and started this morning early with the first chairlift to the top. 
Smiling faces all over the place!
Paul de Groot with a happy face!
The amount of snow made everybody really happy and smiling faces were all over the place! This was the best dream they could imagine! The local circumstances made them ski treeruns in the lower parts because not all the lifts were open. 
Roel van der Laan going for a big tree-run.
Roadtrip-friend Roel van der Laan knows which way to go.
Paul de Groot likes to play 'hide & seek'. 
Paul de Groot dropping on those soft pillows, perfect!
Rembert Notten knows exactly how to push the 'paddle-to-the medal'. 
Waist deep snow, what else?
Not all the ski-lifts were open but that was no problem. The forrests were big enough to play around! After two days of tree runs the team started with some high-altitude lines and start with tourskiing. Good friend Roel van de Laan visited the caravan with his own camper and joined the team for a few days. 
Tim Vanhoutteghem is charging for the Mc-Conkey turn in the upper region of Sestiere. 
Tour du jour with beautyfull weather. 
Tim Vanhoutteghem is the one who knows exactly which way they should go to reach the top. 
Paul de Groot loves to walk the last steps before it gets dark. 
Around Christmas the team received some company from the Poederbaas office and the border collie dog Charly who will become their new Search & Rescue dog in the future. The coming years this dog will be trained several times in the Alpes before he's ready. 
New arrivals, young gun Joost van der Burg, SAR-dog Charlie, Inge van den Heuvel and Tim Vanhoutteghem for a Christmas walk. 
It's all about lifestyle, we agree Joost. 
The dog Charly wants to go faster, especially when the team walks the way up. 
After Sestiere the team dropped Paul de Groot at the airport of Turin and did some city-seeing like real tourist do. Paul will compete for his first 4* Freeride World Tour Qualifier of the season in Revelstoke, Canada. We wish him all the best for the coming days and we hope to see our Flying Dutchmen in the top 10 ranking! Good luck!
Here he goes, our Flying Dutchmen. 
All pictures are made by Tim Vanhoutteghem with the Sony A6300. 
Riders in this article: Joost van der Burg, Rembert Notten, Paul de Groot, Tim Vanhoutteghem.