Our teamrider Paul de Groot is in New Zealand for his Freeride World Tour Qualifications where he will compete against the toughest riders of the planet. New Zealand is known for their (young) talented riders who will ride as hard as they can to become the world's best freerider and gain as most points as possible.

Paul de Groot is ready for his Qualification run!

Paul has started his trip in Wanaka for the first 4 days which is close to the area of Treble Cone. It's an resort which is kwown for their spectacular views and strange birds called 'Kea's'. Treble Cone is the perfect place to start because of it's the perfect way to get used to the local conditions. The terrain is impressive and there are lots of lift-off-possibilities from natural features. 

Strange birds called 'Kea's. Photo credits: Pete Oswald 
Treble Cone has got it all, epic scenery and a nice terrain to play around. 
After the four days in Treble Cone, Paul moved to the Remarkables Skifield in Queenstown. In this region there were two competitions, one 2* Qualification and one 4* Qualification. Paul did compete in both competitions but felt down in the 2* when he hit a big rock during his landing. 
Face of the two star Qualification
The face of the two star Qualification in the Remarkables Skifield, Queenstown.  
Having fun in between competitions
Between the competitions Paul was skiing with friends on a canvas like this one. Photo-captured by Robert Eelkman Rooda in The Remarkables Skifield, Queenstown.
Playfull terrain in NZ
 One of the friends is Pete Oswald who was a judge during the Poederbaas Freeride Festival of 2015 in Goldeck Austria. He showed him around which was a great warm-up for the next competition; the 4* star Qalification. Only the best riders in the world can compete in the Freeride Wolrd Tour 4* Qallfications. Therefore they have to gain enough points in the 2* and 3* star competitions. 
The level of these riders who are competiting during the 4* qualfications is insane. All of the them are well trained and extremely talented to ride these kind of competitions. Mistakes are not allowed and the linechoices have to be fluidity. This 4* event was a good organised event with a big livestream, big show and a great afterparty in Queenstown. 
Ready for the start
Paul is ready for his dropp'in. (During the whole competition it was posible to follow our Flying Dutchmen via a livestream, get up early or stay awake. One thing is for sure, it's definetly more spectacular then some of the Olympic Games;))


The way down of the competition from the start. For which line-choice would you go? 

Solid run by Paul de Groot

Great run by our Flying Dutchmen Paul de Groot. 

After a great and solid run Paul managed to stay on his feet and became 16th during th heavy 4* competion with one of the best riders of the world. Great performance!

We wish our teamrider all the best during his further trip of the southern part of New Zealand, from the westcoast to the high mountains in Craigieburn where he will compete at Mount Olympus and try some heliskiiing as well! Meanwhile we keep you guys posted of our Dutch hero Paul de Groot.