Last minute desicion to take flight!!!

4 months ago I hit the ground and that got me to lay down/sit for a while. Pretty fast I was able to walk around a with crutches, a bit later without. Just after the accident my first question was: im I able to ski upcoming season? Answer: No/very little chance... It was hard to proces, I never had a major injury like this and didnt know how to react. Because its quit special to pop out a leg the rehab time was really hard to tel, especialy with some bone fractures/loose parts involved. Back in my mind I always had the hope to make it before the season really kicked off. In the meantime the ideas of being ready to ski moved slowly to the good side of the season. Now 4 months ahead im looking back to endless physio sessions.

Last weeks it already was all about building up stength. in normal life I dont feel my hip at all. For skiing we still have to find out. The docs and physio told me Im allowed to, but only if I take it easy without to much impact. A few days ago a very last minute chance came up to fill a empty space in a heli lodge in Canada. I took it! Because of the conditions (deep soft pow) its a good way to start with regarding the minor impact;-) Im getting close to the mountians now, tomorrow the caged bird will be released!

Paul de Groot Freeskier's photo.

Day 1: Insanely happy!!! Being able to ski today was such a great feeling

Insanely happy!!! Being able to ski today was such a great feeling. To be in the wild, surfing on soft powder is the by far the best thing in the world!! Getting down here is a mixture of gliding and flying, with some little speed there was already a perfect float.

I have to admit that some smal pillows just looked too tempting to not take. So some of them are destroyed... My hip was doing good, it felt strong and steady. I could tel something has happened some time ago but no pain at all! Im really thankful for all the support I got druring the rehab!! Credits go to: 
ManualFysion and Rockstar Lifestyle !!!The following days Im going to try to capture some action shots!

Paul de Groot Freeskier's photo.